Amadeus Is There EP

by Mike Maass

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Hailing from Germany, Mike Maass is known for his well-balanced blend of dark, driving, and hard-hitting techno, and appears on Drowne Records for the third time. After his huge success with the 'Green Army EP', Mike presents his next release on our brainchild. The 'Amadeus Is There EP' shows up with two originals being placed alongside remixes from true techno trailblazers - Stigmata, and Dandi & Ugo!

Opener, and title track 'Amadeus Is There' feels pretty sinister and shows up with tripping synthstabs, and a bleak, fogged atmosphere. One-note pads add a hypnotic quality to the track which concentrates on the mood, while twisted vocal samples and alerts are flashing through the fog of darkness and ring in the action!

The second track 'Scope Of Mind' puts focus on a chordal melody, and creates a deep, hypnotic appeal the track centres around. Hissing effects sweep and steam through a massive kickdrum-fueled structure that collapses into an atmospheric break before striking again and again.

The first remix comes from Stigmata also known as André Walter, and takes no prisoners! Taking off with a mighty, bulbous bassdrum the track evolves quickly and delights it’s listener with propelling hi-hat structures, vocal snatches, and cinematic, mechanical effects. After whirling into a huge break Stigmata’s interpretation of 'Amadeus Is There' bursts into a nail-biting peaktime banger, which keeps bloody interesting all the time.

Last, but not least Dandi & Ugo’s reinterpretation of 'Scope Of Mind' starts atmospheric and introduces the gently tuned, repetitive melody known from the original. Backed up by rattling percussions, filtered synthstabs, and a gorgeous ride this stomper picks you up, and takes you directly into space!

In conclusion this release covers varying moods, reaching from gloomy atmospheres and industrial influences over to spaced out vibes, and offers a total package of advanched techno madness.


released July 31, 2015



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